mark foster director

P-13 is the worksite of
New York based film-maker Mark Foster.
Our primary focus is personal, brand-based digital films. Foster works in collaboration with agencies and clients whose focusses incorporate real stories from real people in the digital advertising world. His work is engaging and evokes intimate human stories ranging from heartfelt to hilarious.
His collaborations and projects have taken him all over the world. Foster's directing style is based on a foundation of comedy commercials and a knack for getting real-people to tell their story. He has worked in India, Hong Kong, Beijing, London, Germany, The Philippines, Venezuela, Iceland, Mongolia, Canada and the US.

P-13 Productions
Bovina Center, NY
(607) 832-4735

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The Prius projects were produced through 1st Ave Machine in New York with Saatchi & Saatchi LA.













































































































































real people

hyundai - with revolution pictures

anderson cooper: favorite daytime show

anderson cooper: enjoy more

anderson cooper: power of people's stories

toyota: prius cozy

toyota: prius records live event

continental airlines: restaurant week

continental airlines: beauty

toshiba laptops: boring vs. normal

one minute nyc: west 4th st.

don't major in debt campaign

eyewriter: parts hunt > mumbai

blue man group: manly

blue man group: left brain

blue man group: language

pg&e: bob

pg&e: anja

x-games: stay different

cmt: adventure country

diesel jeans: the new grand tour > hong kong

supreme modeling: photographer jd ferguson

case study: pg&e

mymela - an indian marketplace

philippines pencil project